Learn to Fly! Training Pilots Since 1995

North Ramp Aviation is the largest flight school in Vermont. Since 1995, we have trained hundreds of pilots from our location at the Burlington International Airport. Take advantage of our experienced flight instructors and learn to fly in the beautiful Champlain Valley.

Live your dream – learn to fly!

Take a discovery flight and experience a half-hour or one-hour hands-on flight for yourself. When you decide that you’re ready to start training for your private pilot rating, our experienced instructors will guide you.

The next steps – advanced training for licensed pilots

When you are ready for more advanced training, we offer the instrument rating, commercial rating, certified flight instructor rating, and airline transport pilot rating. We also offer advanced instrument training in a Cessna 182 equipped with a Garmin 430 GPS and an Aspen glass panel.

We're here to help you reach your goals

All North Ramp Aviation flight training is one-to-one, at your own pace and on your schedule. Ground School is optional. We offer FAA testing at our CATS Test Center. We can direct you to Pilot Loans at Pilot Finance to help pay for flight training if finances are an issue. We also offer a block time discount for $3000 down.